Charles Oropallo, Susan Oropallo and Bonnie Oropallo at NorthStar Sites

About NorthStar

Susan Charles Bonnie
Susan Oropallo, Charles Oropallo and Bonnie Oropallo in the Oropallo’s driveway

Charles Oropallo chose to call this server NorthStar. It is one of the early CharlesWorks servers.

The NorthStar web server system was created by Charles Oropallo and has been online for a very long time – initially in 2001. NorthStar’s concept has moved across a number of servers (hardware upgrades) over time as the hardware was upgraded and/or modified. The operating systems and platforms have been upgraded. modified and otherwise evolved over time as well.

NorthStar’s evolution has brought us to a system that favors WordPress sites for Charles Oropallo, his wife Susan Franklin Oropallo, and their miniature poodle – lovingly referred to as Bonnie Oropallo – in beautiful Peterborough New Hampshire.

About Charles Oropallo, Susan Oropallo and Bonnie Oropallo

Bonnie Oropallo, Susan Oropallo, Charles Oropallo, New Hampshire
Bonnie Oropallo, residing currently in Peterborough, New Hampshire with Susan Oropallo and Charles Oropallo

Charles Oropallo and Susan Franklin Oropallo have been married since October of 1996. Bonnie came to live with them when she was 8 years old in April 2016, shortly before the passing of Charles’s mom. Now that Bonnie is with them, it’s hard to imagine that she ever wasn’t. She has been an absolute joy to have in the Oropallo household!

More about Bonnie Oropallo

Bonnie is an excellent tempered miniature poodle mix. In March 2018 she turned 10 years old. People who meet Bonnie are surprised to find out she isn’t a puppy because she is so energetic and playful. Bonnie even has her own website. That’s what’s bound to happen when living in a household where thousands of websites are developed and maintained. There is some more detailed material on Bonnie Web Site (built by Charles Oropallo) about Bonnie Oropallo and her move from Tampa, Florida to Peterborough, New Hampshire.

More about CharlesWorks

CharlesWorks was started quite accidentally in June of 1998 by Charles Oropallo. Charles put his own materials on the web which led to his being asked to help some friends with an organizational website. CharlesWorks receives nearly all of its new business through referrals. Charles Oropallo started CharlesWorks with no external funding sources and as a one man show. Over all these years, it has grown immensely – currently employing 9 employees and having handled nearly 4,000 websites.

Phenomenal Growth

Charles Oropallo believes that the reason CharlesWorks experienced such phenomenal growth is because Charles is willing to work extra hard to give his website clients the best possible service. The same goes for the CharlesWorks staff. CharlesWorks could not have grown but for the support and dedication of its staff over the years. And many wonderful clients have become friends and helped over the years.

Paying it Forward

Charles Oropallo is a total believer in paying it forward. He really cares about his web clients. Charles is also a firm believer in karma, “having been on both sides of it,” as he would say. He tries his best to help others as much as possible. Charles believes “What goes around comes around,” which is one of his favorite sayings. Charles has watched negative people in his life continue to spiral down fueled by their continued negativity. Until they finally “get it” one day, there isn’t much hope for them. In Charles’s Glass Houses Web Site he alludes to this.