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Susan Charles Bonnie
Susan Oropallo, Charles Oropallo and Bonnie Oropallo

This is NorthStar. It is one of the CharlesWorks servers. The NorthStar web server system has been online for a very long time. It’s concept has moved across a number of servers over time as the hardware was upgraded. The operating systems and platforms have been upgraded as well.

NorthStar has evolved into a system that favors WordPress sites for Charles Oropallo, his wife Susan Franklin Oropallo, and their miniature poodle lovingly referred to as Bonnie Oropallo in beautiful Peterborough NH.

About Charles Oropallo, Susan Oropallo and Bonnie Oropallo

Bonnie Oropallo

Charles Oropallo and Susan Franklin Oropallo have been married since October of 1996. Bonnie came to live with them when she was 8 years old in April 2016, shortly before the passing of Charles’s mom. Now that Bonnie is with them, it’s hard to imagine that she ever wasn’t. She is an absolute joy to have.

More about Bonnie Oropallo

There is some more detailed material on about Bonnie.